I haven’t always been a fitness girl.  Although I was formerly a ballerina and college cheerleader, the years of rigorous studies and then practicing law kept me away from the exercise world.  Don’t get me wrong, I know some lawyers who are ripped, but it is not without some serious tenacity and lots of deliriously early mornings.  Lawyers work a lot – and I’m not an early morning gal.

Let’s just say that after years of neglecting my fitness and then three pregnancies, I saw myself at a fork in the road – either get myself in shape OR face a future of flabbiness and self-conscious tugs at my waistband.  I chose the former and I wrote about that process here.  And I’m so thankful that today I can say that I’m a fitness chick – not from a place of arrogance or conceit – but from a place of true thanks that I have enjoyable opportunities to exercise this body that God gifted me.

I even lead dance fitness classes from time to time.  You can check out the class that I instruct here.  It’s called Mojo Fitness and it’s my happy place.

I wear my fitness gear hard and often, and prefer styles that can take me from class to preschool pickup and then through lunch and afternoon errands.  So when I started itching for some updates to my warm weather fitness attire, I consulted the experts.

These are the gals that I head to for fashion advice – Clara and Alison.

photo (158)

I love fashion and feel fairly confident and capable in the style department, but these ladies are experts…and they happen to be personal friends.  They are unbored housewives, just like me, with little kids and busy lives.

They recently launched their own fashion and style blog called ClaraAlison Styling, and they do personal styling, wardrobe assessments, closet clean-outs and personal shopping on the side.  Most importantly, they’re mad about fashion, both have a wicked eye, and are fellow sweat enthusiasts.

We decided to meet up at lululemon athletica to put together some fresh looks (but not before meeting at our favorite coffee shop down the street for a hot cup o’ joe).

I have to admit, lululemon is another one of my happy places (and no, I did not receive any compensation or freebies to say that) – I just like their gear.  Their clothes have a fresh look and easily transition from exercise class to the street.

Lindsey (the rad chick in the white cap) came along to find some new gear for her RealRyder and Spunata classes, and she also took our photos.  She is an unbored housewife who happens to hold a degree in photojournalism, and she’s one of my best friends.

photo (159)

That’s me in the purple top, front right.

The gals working at lululemon were positively welcoming and wonderful, offering clothing suggestions and pointing out new gear.

Clara and Alison pulled some options,

photo (164)

and after some styling,

photo (160)

Lindsey and I weighed our thoughts on the new mesh sided crops.  I loved the high waist and slanted bottoms, and the mesh ventilation is perfect for my Mojo class but perhaps less ideal for preschool pick-up.  What would the teachers say?  Scandalous, I tell you.

photo (161)

Clara and Alison found Lindsey a look that suited her perfectly.  (And as a side note, this chick is blurry in every.single.picture.  She is in a state of perpetual motion.)

photo (162)

I mean, what is more fun than playing real life dress-up with friends?

Until I got a call from my kid’s school telling me that I needed to come pick him up because he was coughing all over his classmates.  So I jetted out of there.  ‘Tis the life of an unbored housewife.

Until we meet again lululemon…

Oh, and they’re hosting this cool festival this weekend:


Check out the info here.  They’re going to have live music, food vendors, pop-up shops and free exercise classes all day (including pilates, bootcamp, barreless barre, circuit bootcamp and yoga).  Go get sweaty!