Several weeks ago, I bumped into a friend after our Mojo Fitness class and noticed that despite our hour-long, sweat-inducing workout, the eyeliner subtly rimming her pretty brown eyes still looked fab.  And it was the prettiest and most subtle shade of purple – more like a neutral with a subtle purple sheen.  I told her that I loved it!

A week later she approached me after class and handed me this:


That’s Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio for Blue Eyes.  Try saying that three times fast.

First of all, I was touched by her thoughtfulness.  At $11.95, it was an inexpensive gift that communicated she was thinking of me.  (She even remembered my eye color!)  It was really, really sweet of her, and her act of gifting it to me inspired me to consider small ways that I can similarly bless the people around me.

It’s amazing how a gift of great eyeliner can perk a girl right up.

And it really is great eyeliner!  The set includes three colors intended to enhance your natural eye color, and there are separate trios for brown eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes and blue eyes.

Although I was initially skeptical of the bright blue container housing the blue eyeliner stick, after one slick of it on my upper lash line I was sold.  It is a totally wearable, subtle blue shade that reads more like a neutral – nothing reminiscent of the 80’s here!  The other pencils are a pretty brown and a more dramatic but still totally wearable black.

But the best part about these eyeliners isn’t even the gorgeous colors.  The liner goes on smoothly and easily and stays in place all day, even through sweaty workouts.  Plus it’s fragrance and paraben-free, and safe for sensitive eyes.

And while I’ll still whip out my liquid liner when I want to rock my beloved cat eye look, this trio of eyeliners is every day eyeliner perfection – making it my current eyeliner obsession!