Now that it’s July, it’s time for a garden update!

As I shared with y’all back in the spring, Jersey Boy and I built a Simple Raised Garden Bed and we planted the following:

1.  Sweet basil

2.  Italian parsley

3.  Rosemary

4.  Thyme

5.  Cherry tomatoes

6.  Cucumbers

7.  Green bell peppers

8.  Yellow bell peppers

9.  Red bell peppers

10. Jalapeno peppers

Deer are plentiful in our area, so we covered our garden bed with Deer Block and crossed our fingers that those doe-eyed vandals wouldn’t come destroy it all.

So how does our garden grow?

Quite well, I’m happy to report!

And did the Deer Block work?

Yes!  Those rascals haven’t gained access yet.  (My fingers are still crossed.)

Here is how our plants are faring:

1.  Sweet basil – It’s growing well but not out of control.  I use a ton of basil in my summer cooking so I regularly pluck its fragrant little leaves.  Plucking basil regularly encourages the plant to grow all summer long.

2.  Italian parsley – Take a look.  My parsley is OUT OF CONTROL.

parsley plant

It is thoroughly happy and I have a ton of it.  Anyone want some?

3.  Rosemary – My plant is happy but not huge.  There is nothing quite like the aromatic pleasure of picking rosemary straight from the garden and chopping it up.  I could smell my fingers all day – but that would be weird, right?

4.  Thyme – Much like my rosemary, my thyme is happy but not huge.

5.  Cherry tomatoes – I am super excited about these little babies.  Just look at ’em.

cherry tomato plant

With two cherry tomato plants in our garden, we’ll soon be in tomato heaven.

6.  Cucumbers – This is the first time that I’ve ever grown a cucumber plant and let me tell you – cucumber is crazy.  From the weird curly-q tendrils that loop themselves around everything (including my other plants) to the fact that its vines crawl all over the garden and take up a ton of space – cucumber will not be ignored.  Nobody puts cucumber in a corner.

I bought this little wooden trellis to elevate my cucumber and give my other plants some breathing room.

crazy cucumber

7.  Green bell peppers – It’s not putting out yet.  What gives?

8.  Yellow bell peppers – Same.  Still not putting out.

9.  Red bell peppers – My red bell pepper plant has sprouted some nice-sized peppers, but none have turned red before my kids managed to swipe them off the plant.

red bell pepper plant

10. Jalapeno peppers – We love spicy food in my house so we’re eating our jalapenos faster than our plant is putting ’em out.  And they’re not crazy spicy.  My kids have been eating raw jalapeno slices without flinching.

So there’s the update.  We love our little garden.  It’s one of my favorite things about this summer.