I love me a good cookbook, and this one is great:


Yes, I borrowed it from the library (which I also love).  I bring my littles to the library at least once a week and let them scour the shelves for anything that piques their interest (age-appropriately, of course).  It brings me back to when I was a wee one and Mimi let me wander our tiny public library for what felt like hours, exploring all manner of genre.

Books are one of my love languages, and this cookbook gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Lemon & Salt – a modern girl’s guide to ordinary revelry is as much about the photography as the recipes.  The pictures are so pretty, in fact, I think I’m buying a copy to display in my kitchen.  I mean, those tomatoes on the cover look so yummy I want to lick the course salt right off of them.


But my favorite part is the food.  With approachable recipes featuring easily procured ingredients, the dishes are, in the words of the chef-author, “unfussy, practical and memorable.”  That’s my kind of cooking.

Here is the table of contents:


Because who doesn’t want to “treat yo’self?”

This is at the top of my “recipes to try” list:


That salmon is so darn pretty.  And I want to stick my finger straight into that pea smash and give it a taste.  Nom nom nom.

Other notable recipes include Date Night Carbonara (when you’re looking for a “sexy weeknight dinner”), Warm Herb Potato Salad (perfect for my mayo-averse Jersey Boy) and an Easy Mixed Berry Jam (which I may just jar and store up for winter).

If you have a modern girl to buy for this Christmas, gift her this cookbook.  With recipes that are easy, elegant, accessible and impressive (all at the same time), it’s sure to give her the warm and fuzzies.

[Once again for the avoidance of doubt, no one paid me a dime for this review.  But I suppose I would accept payment for reviewing cookbooks if someone forced the job upon me.  It wouldn’t be a terrible way to make a buck or two.] 🙂