After teaching my Mojo Fitness class this morning, I headed over to Wegmans for my lifeblood (aka a cup of Wegmans Donut Shop Blend Coffee).  Happily, Wegmans was having a party to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

There was live music, and an enormous (and tasty) cake.

wegmans cake

Everyone in the store got a piece.

I also picked up a few of my favorite Wegmans items that are perfect for pairing.

1. Wegmans Organic Rosemary Olive Oil Loaf & Wegmans Mild Cave-Ripened Brie

rosemary bread

wegmans brie

This pairing is a staple in my house.  While I myself did not experience the delight of brie cheese until I was in my twenties, my children consider this milky brie their favorite.  (How times have changed.)

We schmear sizable slices of this milky French brie on that aromatic rosemary bread, and gratify both our taste buds and our noses.  Just look at those rosemary leaves baked into the bread:

wegmans rosemary bread

It’s oh so yummy.

2. Wegmans Italian Classics Grandpa’s Sauce & Wegmans Italian Classics Spaghetti

grandpas sauce

wegmans spag

Listen, I’m an unbored housewife and I’m not above popping open a jar of sauce for dinner.  And when it’s Grandpa’s Sauce, no one in my family minds.  This traditional Italian red sauce has just a hint of heat, and it’s the best jarred sauce I’ve ever had.  I always keep a jar or eight in my pantry.

I pair it with the Italian Classics Spaghetti.  The rough texture of this pasta (made in the Puglia region of Italy from semolina flour) holds the sauce when it’s swirled on a fork.  Make it for dinner when you’re feeling lazy.  It’s so good, no one will mind.