As he so often does, the Lord is leading me down a path with which I am unacquainted.  I can see the road, but not the destination, and I must proceed slowly and cautiously as I veer into unfamiliar turns and proceed up precipitous inclines.

I am most comfortable behind a computer screen, my fingers furiously tapping the keyboard, for fear of not getting the thoughts out of my head quickly enough before they evaporate, and are gone forever.  Then I edit myself a lot, and feel safe pushing “publish” only after I’ve had time to thoughtfully consider my words.  Writing feels safe and comfortable – it is my happy place.

But more and more, I am being asked to speak and teach.  These are things that I can do, and have done, in the past.  As a lawyer (and former moot court member), I was trained in the art of public speaking and persuasion.  As a bible study leader and Sunday school teacher, I have taught many a biblical lesson.

But the truth is – the thought of standing in front of a large group of people who are gathered to hear me speak makes my armpits get all sweaty and my heart pound.

This is not a path that I would have chosen to take without prompting from others and the pull of the Holy Spirit.

In the face of my discomfort, I have chosen to accept several upcoming speaking engagements, and I am prayerfully reliant on the Lord to be my GPS.  I am determined to do my best, and speak honestly and clearly about the things that God has done in my life and the ways he has changed me.

My first such engagement will be at the Saturday Women’s Gathering at Church of the Saviour in Wayne, Pennsylvania on Saturday, May 7th at 9:00 a.m.  I will be speaking on the topic of Bringing Darkness Into Light – The Healing Power of Public Confession.  I hope you’ll join me if you’re anywhere in the Philadelphia region.  I’ll post registration information when it becomes available, and I’ll announce additional dates as they approach.

And if you’re so inclined, please pray for me as I depart down this speaking engagement path with an unknown destination.  I desire for my words to bring glory to God and not to me.  Please pray that I will not fear or crave man’s (or woman’s) approval, but the approval of the Almighty.

Oh, and pray that I find some strong antiperspirant.  I’m going to need it.