I know you.  I know how it is.  The news is unavoidable.  The highest court in the land is reviewing a Texas abortion law, and everyone has an opinion.  Pundits critique, protesters yell, people condemn.

But I know you.  And I know how it feels.

You are the woman who aborted her child.  You are not a hypothetical scenario, and you can no longer choose life.  You already made the opposite choice, perhaps many, many years ago.

I know it still hurts, and that you wonder what he or she would look like.  Would she have wild blonde curls like your middle child?  Would he be strong and assertive like your oldest?  Would her fingers be long and slender like her little sister’s?

I know that the pain and “what-ifs” will be with you always.  And I know that some days the grief feels as fresh as if it were yesterday.  Especially when abortion is in the news.

There is so much I want to say to you.  Because there is so much that God has said to me, in his Word, through his Scriptures.

But mostly I want to tell you – there is grace for you.  Abundant, irresistible grace, made available to you through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.

I know that you don’t feel grace from other people.  I know that you feel judged, and confused.  While some women proudly shout their abortions on social media, and a segment of pro-life advocates condemn any woman who has aborted a child, you don’t know where your voice belongs.  Where are the women like you?  The women who aborted their children, and aren’t proud of it?  The women who stare longingly at their dining tables, knowing that there should be extra place settings there?  The women who will always wonder who their dead children would have become?

I know you because I am you.

And I must tell you that there is forgiveness, and so much grace, for you.

God freely sent his perfect, sinless son to die a wretched death and rise again so that you could be forgiven.  And his forgiveness is sweet, and redemptive.  Jesus died for abortion-committing women like you and me.  He said so in Luke 5:32, “I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”

There is one way to know the sweet, saving grace of God, and that is by coming to Jesus.

After my abortion, I came to Jesus.  I threw myself at his feet and repented for ending the life of my child.  And because I can now call God my Father, I am forgiven, set free, and redeemed.

I know you.  And I want the same for you.  Won’t you join me?