It’s upon us, folks. Summer is here, and I’m already basking in its glory. My typically pasty complexion has turned a pleasant shade of pinkish-beige, and I smell like chlorine and sweat. It’s marvelous.

The kids and I enthusiastically dove headfirst into our summer routine, and with only nine days of summer behind us, we’ve already crossed numbers one through twenty-five off the list below. How will you be spending the summer? Please add to my list!

1. Pick strawberries.

littles in strawberry patch

2. Make Strawberry Cobbler.

3. Wade in a stream, and explore it.

explore creek

(Make sure you have a cold Coke on hand in case you get parched.)


Pick up the creatures you find tucked amongst the mossy rocks.


Don’t worry about getting wet and dirty.

4. Go swimming, as often as possible.

5. Grow a garden.


Or just herbs in a pot. (That’s spearmint.)


6. Forage for wild berries (but confirm that they’re edible before you eat them).

7. Swing on a tire swing. Don’t be scared.

tire swing

8. Plant flowers.

9. Create an outdoor space that you love. Spend time there.

outdoor space

10. Go to the beach.

11. Ride an amusement park ride that scares you. Don’t be ashamed of screaming. Loudly.

12. Find a new favorite ice cream, sampling many flavors in the process. This lavender & cream from Chester Springs Creamery at Milky Way Farm is to.die.for.

lavender and cream

13. Go to a family movie night at a church or park. Sit on a blanket with your kids.

14. Run through the sprinkler. (Yes, even as an adult.)

15. Visit a farm.


16. Have a water balloon fight.

17. Watch Mary Poppins. It’s still a magical movie.

18. “Camp out” in your basement.

basement campout

19. Eat popsicles.


20. Invite someone over for an impromptu meal, even though your house is messy.

21. Eat hotdogs.

22. And hamburgers.

23. And lots of salad. (It counterbalances the last two.)

24. Drink an abundance of My Perfect Sweet Tea Y’all.

final tea

25. Visit a public garden with your children. Let them roam and explore. We love Chanticleer.

26. Intentionally limit screen time. The world awaits.

27. Camp outside in a tent. (The backyard is fine!)

28. Roast s’mores.

29. Go to the library and let your children pick their own books. (I usually limit my kids to five books each.)

30. Write a list of the books you’ve checked out so that you can find them later.

31. Go to a parade.

32. Let your kids stay up late and see the fireworks.

33. Fly a kite.

34. Make ice cream. This recipe is divine.

strawberry basil ice cream final

35. Have a picnic.

36. Locate all of the playgrounds within a thirty minute drive of your house. Visit as many as possible.

37. Go to a splash pad. We like Bell Tavern in Downingtown.

38. On rainy days, go to Get Air or Sky Zone. Sky Zone in Oaks has a toddler time every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

39. Or bring your littles to Chatter Splatter.

40. Go to church every Sunday. It’s good for your soul.

41. Go to church when you’re on vacation. We always visit local churches during our travels, and it’s often a highlight of our trip.

42. Make Homemade Pesto.

bowl of pesto

43. Go on some day trips. (We take day trips to OCNJ throughout the summer.)

44. Find a park where your littles can safely ride their bikes without you being right at their side. (I’m seriously on the lookout for a park like this. The closest I’ve found is the loop at South Ardmore Park. Any other suggestions?)

45. Catch fireflies.

46. Go hiking.

47. Invite your neighbors over for dinner (or even just dessert)!

48. Play board games.

49. Make my Caprese Salad for Little Mouths.

seasoned salad

50. Wear your sunscreen, but try not to worry to much about its chemical content.

51. Have fun!