As a foodie, I heart Trader Joe’s, and it’s been a while since I’ve done a TJ’s Highs and Lows! Here’s what I’m digging (and not so much) right now.

My high:

mango candle

Okay, it’s not a food item, but you should immediately go buy as many of these mango tangerine candles as possible. At $3.99, they smell every bit as fantastic as far more expensive candles. I have an unlit one in my powder room, and the space smells amazing. Go buy one. Or twelve.

My low:

jalapeno olives

Okay, these TJ’s jalapeno stuffed olives aren’t awful. They’d be just fine in a pinch. However, they aren’t nearly as tasty as Mezzetta’s jalapeno stuffed olives (which I love and devour). (Is it strange that my current late night snack obsession is jalapeno stuffed olives?)

Honorable mention:


No, Trader Joe’s. Just no. This is a low if I ever did see one.