I’m an unbored housewife and I’m exhausted…but today I don’t mind one bit.  Our family just returned from our annual winter trip to the mountains.  Every year we rent a big house with two other families, pack up mounds of stuff, and schlep it all two and a half hours north.  We cook most of our meals at the house and let our kids run around like wild animals.

The first night of the trip we always endure the delight of trying to get nine kids – aged one to eight years old – to stay in their beds AND JUST GO TO SLEEP.  YOUR FRIENDS WILL STILL BE HERE WHEN YOU WAKE UP.  WE’RE STAYING HERE FOR DAYS.  YOU’LL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO PLAY TOGETHER.

Sorry.  I didn’t mean to yell at you.

During daylight hours the men folk take the kids for hikes through snow coated woods and of course we sled.  Mounds of snow, little kids, sleds, red cheeks and cold noses.  It really is magical.

V on sled

kids on hill

Sometimes I wish they would be like this always.

After long days full of sledding, game playing, laughter and the occasional tear, no convincing is necessary to get them to close their little eyes and go to sleep.  And then…ahh…the real fun begins.

The men drink beer and us ladies eat Girl Scout Cookies (wild, I know).  This year most of our competitive enthusiasm centered around the games of spades and charades.  There are few things more enjoyable than watching a grown man attempt to convey “cocktail dress” using only hand motions.  And although we know that our little ones will open their eyes during the 6 a.m. hour, we stay up late, playing and laughing.  Much like the kids, there is even the occasional tear.  It’s so good, though.  Good spending hours with friends who are also working through the joys, trials and monotony of parenthood.  Because that’s really what life is made of – joy, trials and monotony.  And I certainly don’t want to do it alone.

Our crew, 2011:


Same crew, plus two, 2015:

2015 stairs

My oh my, how time does fly.