I’m an unbored housewife and I like to keep it simple.  Yes, that pithy little saying is oft repeated because it rings true.  Take it easy on yourself – and keep it simple.

If I suddenly had an abundance of time for practicing my dicing skills, would I add three or four additional ingredients to this simple mango salsa?  Perhaps.  But methinks it’s not really necessary.  It tastes pretty darn yummy with only five ingredients (plus salt and pepper).  It’s simple stuff.

This meal is perhaps best enjoyed out on the deck in the warm shade of the late afternoon sun.  The fish is delish cooked on the grill.  But, alas, it is February here in Pennsylvania so cooking on the grill is a no-go.  Brrrrrrr.


We can always pretend that our noses are sunkissed and we’re wearing strappy sandals.

Today I’ll cook my fish on the stove in a grill pan and it will turn out divine.

Here are the main ingredients:

tilapia tacos

Make the salsa first.  You don’t want your fish sitting around getting cold while you cut your mango.  Mangoes can be boogers to peel and dice.

Rinse your mango well.  Start by cutting the mango flesh off of the pit (the long, flat seed in the middle).  Hold your mango up on end and slice all the way down the flatter side of the mango, getting close to the pit but not cutting into it.  Repeat on the other side.

mango cut

Now you should have two large “cheeks” of mango.  Next, slice all the way down to remove the smaller sides of flesh.  Waste not…

mango cut2

Now score your mango cheeks by making shallow slices in the flesh, first lengthwise and then across.



After scoring the flesh, push on the backside of the mango and voila!


Now use your fingers or a spoon and scrape off these pretty little hunks of yumminess.  I also chose to dice mine slightly smaller for little mouths.  Your choice.

Now don’t judge my knife skills…yours are probably far superior.  But, as the age-old saying goes – ain’t nobody got time for that.

Throw your diced mango into a small-ish bowl.

mango in bowl

Now, rinse a medium-sized red onion.  You’ll use about one-third of an onion this size for your salsa.

red onion

Finely dice your onion.  Rinse a large bell pepper and cut it in half.  Pull out the stem and seeds.  I used half of an orange bell pepper in my salsa.  You can also use a red, yellow or green bell pepper.  Let your taste buds guide you.  Red bell peppers are the sweetest, followed by yellow, orange and then green.  Green bell peppers have a slightly bitter taste and I typically prefer them in cooked dishes.

orange pepperDice your pepper and throw that in the bowl, too.

onion and pepper

Mince three to four jarred jalapeno slices and add them to the bowl.  You can also use fresh jalapeno for more color and kick.


Now juice a whole fresh lime and pour that citric-y deliciousness on top of your diced ingredients.

juiced lime

I took this picture with my nose because I had no available hands:

lime juice

Season with course sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste.

sea salt

Now stir to combine.  Isn’t that pretty?  And easy peasy.

final mango salsa

On to the fish.

Now, I know that some of you may have arguments against indulging in farm raised tilapia – some of them perhaps persuasive.  But this unbored housewife picks her battles.  Let’s save that discussion for another day, shall we?

I use individually sealed, frozen tilapia filets.  Easily stored and quickly defrosted, they keep it simple.

Rub each tilapia filet with canola oil.  Quarter a fresh lime and squeeze the lime wedges over the fish.

tilapia filet

Sprinkle generously with Adobo seasoning.

Can we just talk Adobo for a minute?  I was introduced to this stuff by some Puerto Rican friends and apparently every Spanish-speaking country has its own variety.  Although I don’t speak the language I’ve adopted Adobo as my own and if you don’t have any on hand you can make my Homemade Adobo Seasoning.

Today I used my homemade Adobo rather than the commercial variety because I think it’s tastier, but I’m biased, of course.

seasoned tilapia

Rub your grill pan with a little canola oil and heat it to medium-high heat.  Then throw on your fish, topping each filet with a small pat of butter.

tilapia grill pan

Cook the fish for three to four minutes per side, or until it flakes easily with a fork.

final tilapia1

To assemble your tacos, chunk up some fish and place it into flour tortillas.  I use the store bought variety.  If you’re fancy you can warm your tortillas in tinfoil in the oven, but this unbored housewife ain’t got time for that.

Top the fish with mango salsa and dig in.  Ignore the polar vortex or Siberian Express outside and pretend that you’re wearing a tank top.  Summer will be here before we know it, dear ones.

To complete the meal, serve this with my yummy Spanish Rice.



1 large ripe mango

1/3 medium red onion

1/2 large orange bell pepper

3-4 slices jarred jalapeno

1 fresh lime

Course sea salt

Fresh ground black pepper


6 tilapia filets

Canola oil for coating the fish and grill pan

1 additional fresh lime

Homemade Adobo Seasoning (or commercial Adobo seasoning)


Flour tortillas