I hope ya’ll had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Jersey Boy, the littles and I shunned the beach and stayed busy here at the homestead.  We did yard work, tended to our little garden (I’ll give you a garden update soon) and finally focused attention on our lovely front porch.

I’m dedicating this post – which I named Front Porch Love – to one of my favorite DIY home design blogs that is no more – Young House Love.  They inspired me for years with their fresh and colorful taste, before mysteriously withdrawing from the blogging world while they were at the very top of their game.  They achieved a level of success that most bloggers only dream of, with two book deals and product lines at Target and Shades of Light.  And when they quit, it was such a big deal in the blogosphere that their departure was covered by the New York Times.

I miss you, Young House Love.  Tear.  I hope that this thrifty front porch zhushing would make you proud.

Here is our sad, lonely porch in her bare state:

bare front porch

For a gal with Southern roots and a strong affinity for front porches and all that they represent, our neglected front porch has been a scandal.  When we bought our house two years ago I was pregnant and ravaged by morning sickness, too busy hanging my head over the toilet bowl to give a hoot about the front porch’s appearance.  So she sat and waited patiently, feeling neglected but holding out hope.  Until this past weekend, when we finally gave her the attention that a lovely front porch deserves.

First, I enlisted some helpers.  Armed with scrub brushes, we got down to shining her up.

scrub porch

boys scrubbing porch

Can these boys just stay this way forever?

I cleaned her ceiling, where a number of creepy crawlies had taken up residence.

me cleaning ceiling

And after we scrubbed, shined and swept, it was time to decorate.  These rocking chairs arrived earlier in the week, and Jersey Boy put them together on Saturday:

rocking chair

We bought them from Amazon, where they were $139 each with free shipping.  We had an Amazon gift card, so we paid $78 out of pocket for two rocking chairs.

They are solid wood and seem to be well made.  Time will tell.

final front porch

I picked up the indoor/outdoor rug from Target for $50.

final front porch1

I already owned the blue planters and I snatched the baskets from my neighbor when she decided to throw them away.

final front porch2

We’ve owned the little Ikea table since the early days of our marriage, and the pillows are oldies from Crate & Barrel.

All told, this project cost us around $140, including $78 for the rockers, $50 for the rug and roughly $12 on flowers.

Jersey Boy and I plan to spend our summer evenings rocking on our lovely front porch, beverage in hand.  And I think that she is finally feeling the love.