Scary Mommy

Well, last week was cray-cray.  (Did I instantaneously age myself by using that phrase?)  Being published by Scary Mommy was thrilling and a little, well, scary.  (Let’s just say that some of the mommies over there are frightening…appropriately so, I suppose.)  As I’m learning, thick skin is required when you write for an audience of any size.  Most of the comments I received were lovely and supportive, but there are always the feisty ones in the bunch…makes things interesting, I suppose.

And I think the boss-ladies over at Scary Mommy like my writing, because they’re publishing me again!  (And yes, I’m still freaking out and I’m just as excited as the first time.)  My next Scary Mommy piece is pretty personal, and to be honest I’m a bit nervous about it.  But I strive to be a truth-teller – both the pretty and the ugly – and it’s a piece of my truth.

Thank you for reading, and for all of your encouragement.  Your supportive words embolden me and warm my heart.  This whole writing and blogging experience is a crazy, electrifying ride, and I’m loving it.

Even when it feels scary.