As we head into Mother’s Day weekend, my heart is full of both sadness and joy.  Mother’s Day is a day that is hard for many post-abortive women.  It is also a day that is hard for any woman who has lost a child.  I have two babies who have passed – one of whom I aborted and one of whom I miscarried, and it is my hopeful prayer that I will meet them both one day in heaven.  Mother’s Day can be equally hard for any woman who desires a child, but does not have one.

But Mother’s Day is also a sweet day full of joy.  We celebrate the children we have here on earth, and the fact that they made us mothers.  We celebrate our own mothers, in whose wombs we were knit.

This weekend, we celebrate the beauty and love – the sadness and joy – of motherhood.

Photo by Lindsey Calabretta Clark.