[I’m bumping this, my first blog post, to the top today.  I just made myself a tall glass of this perfection and updated my photos and commentary.  Enjoy!]

I’m an unbored housewife in need of caffeine.  Lots of it.  I’m also originally from Louisiana where all tea is sweet.  I grew up on the stuff and I turned out quite well.  I brew and drink at least two pitchers of my sweet tea per day (with a little help from my Jersey Boy).  Go ahead and judge.  I’m okay with it.  Here’s the beauty of my sweet tea – it’s not terribly sweet – just sweet enough with the appropriate counter balance of sour from a fresh quarter of lemon.  It’s simple and divine.  Go brew a batch now.  Here’s how:

Behold my tea pot.  I call it my tea pot because it’s a pot in which I brew tea, not because it has a cute little handle and spout.

photo (53)

Notice how it looks like it’s seen rough usage since the 80’s?  It looks kinda nasty, right? Well, it’s not nasty at all.  In fact, it’s quite clean.  She’s a hardworking little pot and I love her dearly.

Boil four cups of water.  Remove from heat and insert six tea bags to steep.  Please note: I use only Red Rose Tea.

red rose

They give you one of these fun little prizes in every box (for my kids to fight over):


No, I’m not in cahoots with them or anything.  I’m merely an unbored housewife and although Red Rose doesn’t know I exist, I do think I’m their biggest fan.  During a recent shopping trip I bought no less than ten boxes of Red Rose Tea.  (Okay, maybe I have a slight problem.)  Any decent black tea should do just fine.

Find a pitcher or a large jar or whatever vessel you have lying around.  I kind of love this jar.


Measure and pour one and a half cups of cool water into your pitcher.

water in pitcher

After your steeped tea has cooled,


carefully pour the tea into your pitcher…or just spill it all over the place like I usually do.


Find a fresh lemon and thoroughly rinse the outside.  (Yes, I’m a stickler for well-washed produce.)

Slice it in half,

cut lemon

and then into quarters.

quartered lemon

Now squeeze a quarter of lemon into your tea.

Now, some folks would stop here, but for us southerners the next step is crucial.  Find your one-quarter measuring cup and fill it with sugar.  (Yes, the refined, white, evil kind of sugar.  Go ahead.  You’ll like it.)

sugarPour it in and stir until dissolved.  This makes a small-ish pitcher of tea, but that’s just fine because small batches of freshly brewed tea are always best.  You certainly don’t want it sitting around for days.  Not so yummy.  Double the recipe if you need a larger serving.  Go ahead.  I dare you.

Now fill up a pretty glass with ice, pour your tea and enjoy liberally.  Cheers!

final tea


4 cups of water

6 Red Rose black tea bags

1 and 1/2 additional cups of water

1/4 slice of fresh lemon

1/4 cup sugar