I love Wegmans.  As in, I’m there nearly.every.day.  I go for coffee in the morning, and then pick up produce for my dinnertime meal.

Wegmans has some of the freshest produce around, which I already knew from experience.  But then last year The Washington Post did this fab article about the greatness of all things Wegmans, which confirmed my observations about the store’s produce offerings.  According to the article, “[T]he average supermarket turns over its inventory between 18 and 20 times a year…Wegmans, by contrast, goes through its produce as many as 100 times a year.  ‘That’s why their produce is almost always fresher than their competition’s.'”

Just look at that produce section.  It’s a place of beauty, with a wide array of conventional and organic fruits and veggies, both ordinary and exotic.

wegmans produce

I’ve been shopping at Wegmans almost daily for over six years, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had problems with my produce being unsatisfactory.  And in those handful of times, the customer service folks either gave me a refund or allowed me to make an exchange – no fuss, no muss.

So I recommend their produce.  It’s fresh stuff.

Along with their fruits and veggies, I have a repertoire of Wegmans’s house-owned and branded items that I love.  And here are a couple that I’ll be highlighting in this Part 1 of my new continuing series of posts I’m calling “My Wegmans Favorites”:

Wegmans Donut Shop Blend Specialty Coffee

donut shop blend

This is my lifeblood, and therefore an appropriate place to start.

I am a coffee snob.  And as a recovering Starbucks addict (I no longer touch the stuff), I now have a deep appreciation for a smooth and mellow cup of joe.  Do not be deceived, this coffee tastes nothing like the sub-par flavor of a cup of Dunkin’.  This inexpensive blend is perfection, and I drink it every day.  It makes me happy.

Wegmans Mini Vanilla Bean Scones

Need something sweet and carby to enjoy with that perfect cup of Donut Shop Blend?  I have just the thing.

Wegmans makes a variety of tasty little scones:


But see that stack with the lavender label?  There is a reason that fewer of them remain on the table.  They are really darn good.  In fact, they are so tasty that I no longer purchase them because I end up eating the whole package myself.  When a box of those lovelies are in my house, I sink as low as hiding in the pantry, mouth stuffed with yummy vanilla carby-ness so that I don’t have to share them with my kids.

They’re really good – but beware – they may turn you into a selfish and gluttonous mommy.  Purchase them at your own risk.

vanilla scones