Pimiento cheese is a southern thang, y’all.  And as a gal with southern roots, I grew up eating it.

But here in the northeast (where I’ve lived for many years), it is more of a curiosity.  Folks may be aware of it, but they’ve probably never made a batch of this yuminess from scratch.

A perfect appetizer, pimiento cheese is delish on good crackers or fresh veggies.  Lots of southern folks also use it to make grilled cheese sandwiches – which are crazy good.

It’s easy to make, and this basic recipe only contains a handful of ingredients.

Make some now.  You’ll thank me later.  Here’s how.

Grab this stuff:

pimiento cheese ingredients

And two eight ounce blocks of good and sharp cheddar cheese.


Now grab a large bowl and your grater.  You’re going to use the side that shreds the cheese finely.

bowl and grater

Grate the block of orange cheddar.

orange cheddar

Now grate the block of white cheddar.

white cheddar

A word of caution – do not use pre-packaged shredded cheese.  The results will be no bueno.  You want to buy good cheese and do the shredding yourself.

Now grab your one-third measuring cup.  Make sure it matches your bowl.

one third cup

Measure two-thirds of a cup of good mayonnaise.  Some folks are picky about their brand of mayo, and I gotta say, Wegmans makes some good mayonnaise.

Plop it in with the shredded cheese.


Grab a spoon and stir to combine.

Now grab your pimiento and thinly slice it in one direction,


then the other.

pimiento slice

Throw your diced pimentos in with your cheese and grab a fork.  Mash to combine well.

Next add one-half of a teaspoon of black pepper, and a few pinches of cayenne pepper, to taste.  (A little goes a long way.)


Now use your fork to mash it all and combine well.

Chill in the refrigerator for several hours, or overnight, so that the ingredients have plenty of time to make friends and get good and tasty.

Serve on good crackers like so:

final pimiento cheese

This is a basic recipe, and you can zhoosh it up to your liking.  Some folks add diced jalapenos, garlic, finely grated onion and even dill pickles.

So pretend you’re a genuine southerner and make some pimiento cheese.  It’s darn good stuff.


8 oz. block of extra sharp orange cheddar

8 oz. block of extra sharp white cheddar

2/3 cup of good mayonnaise

6.5 oz. jar of pimientos (strangely, pimientos can be found in the Mexican section of my grocery)

1/2 tsp. black pepper

a pinch or three of ground cayenne pepper, to taste