grandmas table

Last Friday evening was Supper Club!  Spearheaded by my gal Jaime, a small group of us church girls recently started gathering monthly to eat, talk, drink, share, pray, laugh – and EAT.  Based loosely on Shauna Niequist’s cooking club from her fab book Bread & Wine, we take turns hosting, and select a theme for each gathering.

We’re a mismatched group of eclectic women – all so very different in backgrounds and interests – but with common threads that unite us.  We all love the Lord, and we’re all doing our best in this messy business of motherhood.  Oh, and we all adore food, and everything that life around the table represents.

As Shauna Niequist so aptly writes, “Something extraordinary happens when we slow down, open our homes, look into one another’s faces, and listen to one another’s stories around the table.”  I couldn’t agree more.  The time spent with these women nourishes my soul, much like their dishes nourish my belly.

This month’s theme was “dinner at grandma’s table.”  Lindsey was our gracious host, and we shared stories of our grandmothers’ recipes while seated ’round the table Lindsey inherited from her granny who passed away exactly seven years ago (almost to the date of our supper).

Like all well loved items, grandma’s table shows her age.  But much like grandma herself, she’s not self-conscious about her frailty or imperfections.  She’s lived a good long life, and she’s full of beauty and tales of meals spent with family and friends.  She even surprised us by losing her center support legs near the onset of our meal.  But it was nothing that a few resourceful mamas couldn’t rectify with a of couple of screws and some belly laughs.

table legs

table legs 2

With a few Italians in our group, our meal was deliciously heavy on pasta and red sauce, and Lindsey fried up some ridiculously thin and superbly yummy chicken cutlets.  Serenaded by the rich and scratchy sounds of grandma’s old vinyl records, we filled our bellies and laughed like we haven’t in months.

I made my grandma’s No Crust Coconut Pie, which reminds me of holidays spent ’round the table.  I’ll post the recipe soon, and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

As the meal concluded with a traditional Italian shot of Sambuca (to aid digestion, of course), we scurried to clear grandma’s table and clean the dishes (many hands making light work) before heading to our own homes filled with husbands (one each) and small children asleep in warm beds.

Until next month, Supper Club…my belly, and my soul will be waiting…

Photography by Lindsey Calabretta Clark.