I was naughty and hit up Trader Joe’s twice this week.  I typically limit myself to one TJ’s visit per week, but I needed to return something, so of course I took the opportunity to once again fill my basket with my favorite goodies.  Why not stock up?

This week’s high:

cowboy salsa

This jar emblazoned with a seriously cute cowboy boot contains some seriously tasty salsa.  It is a tomato-less combination of corn, black beans, red bell peppers, jalapeno peppers and chipotle peppers.  It features a healthy dose of heat with a touch of sweet, and the chipotle peppers are a prominent flavor.  If you love spicy food  – go for it.  TJ’s gets it right with this little jar of yumminess.

This week’s low:

tj's pot roast

Okay, just stay away from this roast.  The packaging claims that it is “fully trimmed,” but I beg to differ.  Instead it should read “gristly with a healthy dose of sinew” (but I guess that wouldn’t look great from a marketing perspective).  The meat isn’t cut well and the flavor is nothing to boast about either.  While Trader Joe’s excels in many areas, their meat department isn’t one of them.

So there you have it – this week’s Trader Joe’s Highs and Lows.

Have you recently tried any TJ’s items that knocked your socks off?  What should I try next?