This weekend I was a busy, busy bee.  I mostly unplugged and got down to getting stuff done – and it felt good.

Saturday morning I awoke to the most delicious warm and sunny weather, and played around with granola.  I tweaked my favorite basic granola recipe by subbing vegetable oil with coconut oil and brown sugar with maple syrup.  I was looking for a healthier version of my basic granola and I gotta say, I was pleased with the results.


I used the granola to make Healthy Homemade Granola and Berry Parfaits.  My three-year-old (who loves blueberries and strawberries) was in food heaven.  My recipe will appear on my girlfriends’ style blog in the coming weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Then we loaded into the SUV and hauled it over to Home Depot.  I am not ashamed of spending my morning walking around Home Depot picking out things like light bulbs and garden soil, all while feeding my kids hot dogs and soft pretzels from the snack shop.  I have (mostly) come to embrace my life stage and now relish activities and endeavors that only five years ago would have seemed average and mundane – and I loved the opportunity to pick out herbs and veggies for our family garden.

The past two years my kids have asked to make a garden in our yard – and on Saturday afternoon we finally did it.


I’ll tell you all about it this week.

After our garden making, we walked straight across the street to our neighbors’ house for dinner.

When we had our baby girl almost two years ago (gasp, how can it be?!) our across-the-street neighbors blessed us by bringing us a meal.  The dinner consisted of some bangin’ Korean tacos with an amazing slaw on top and a side of spicy cucumbers.  Since eating that meal I have drooled over the memory of those tacos and tried to re-create them to varying degrees of success.  Last night our neighbors made the same meal for us again and I ate without shame.  After dinner you could have rolled me away from their house and straight back across the street.  Because they’re so awesome they even gave us a doggy bag to go and we just finished snarfing down the leftovers for tonight’s dinner.  All I can say is that our neighbor can cook some legit Korean food.  But he’s our neighbor.  You can’t have him.

Then today we had the pleasure of attending church and listening to a sermon in a series entitled “Disconnected – living in a tech saturated world.”  As a blogger, this topic is of keen interest to me, and I was struck by this thought from Pastor Andrew Kim: our interactions on social media (including blogs) should “be life-giving, encouraging, and fill another person with hope.”

I can only pray to do just a bit of that here.

Happy Monday, ya’ll.